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How does Thyme To Savor Personal Chef Service Work?

Thyme to Savor provides personalized menus and the luxury of time with an affordable solution to the "Dinner Dilemma".

Thyme To Savor is your answer to great tasting, healthful, affordable meals enjoyed in the comfort of your home without the chore of planning, shopping and cooking.

Thyme To Savor offers a professional service of meal planning and preparation. A client's individual tastes and needs help create their customized menu. These meals are prepared in a client's home and then packaged, labeled and stored in the refrigerator or freezer.

What Does Thyme To Savor Personal Chef Service Include?

Customized Menu Planning
Thyme To Savor takes the time to learn your individual needs and likes and dislikes. We use this information to create customized menus just for you.
Grocery Shopping
Thyme To Savor does all the shopping for you. We purchase the freshest ingredients before coming to your home.
In-Home Meal Preparation
Thyme To Savor comes to your home with everything needed and prepares your meals in your kitchen.
Storage and Cleanup
Thyme To Savor packages and stores your meals in your refrigerator and freezer. We leave your kitchen clean and your home filled with aromas of wonderful foods.

Who Would Use Thyme To Savor Personal Chef Service?

filet of solePeople who appreciate good, healthy food and want more free time in their busy lives would use Thyme To Savor. If this describes you, then a Thyme To Savor is what you need.

  • Busy Professionals
  • Busy Families on the go
  • People with Dietary Needs
  • Affluent Seniors

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